Wednesday, 13 November 2013

TMNT LAI arcade cab finished

This is my TMNT cab in its finished stage.
I am putting the TMNT sideart on it next to complete it.
If anyone has MCA purple buttons or joystick for Donatello please feel free to let me know as they are impossible to source now.


  1. Could you get back to me and tell me where you found this poster? Just a lucky ebay find? One of my favorites and have been hoping to come across it myself

  2. It wasn't a find it was included in my ssf2t kit
    I have a smaller version from a us ssf2t approx 40cm x 40cm if your keen
    Email me at

  3. Nice cabinet. I used to play on one just like it. Sick panel art.

    Also, dat MK cab <3