Thursday, 30 October 2014

My Addams Family pinball restoration

Here is my biggest project yet, a full restoration from the ground up of the Addams Family pinball.
I got it in questionable shape, play field is in good order but the cabinet is horrible as you will see from my progress shots going forward. in these pictures i have stripped the cabinet completely and sanded bogged sanded and bogged and so on and so forth. Its then sprayed in a black and same colour blue as the decal lightning. My good friend Ben has done all the horrible stuff like the sanding and the bogging and pretty much the rebuild of the cab so i wont take credit for it man it looks good.
New decals have been applied all paint and prep has been finished and a new backbox decal is applied.
The gameplan is simple here this machine will be better than factory when i am finished.
I have aquired a brand new repro playfield
NOS plastic set
New decals all around
Pinball pro speaker kit w/sub woofer add on
Colour DMD display
Leds for all the inserts and backglass
This project will be documented as it goes on so keep tuned.

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